Metapost: Illness

This is an official post to mark that I've been struggling with an increasingly severe respiratory infection since last Wednesday evening. I tried to ride it out over the weekend, but it got worse to the point where I could only sleep sitting up (because my lungs felt like they were filling with fluid) and then only for 15 minutes at a stretch between rib-wracking coughs that reverberated over the whole house. Fun, fun, fun.

So I saw my doctor on Monday (yesterday). She gave me a steroid shot to help me fight the infection and a medicated cough syrup so that I can get some sleep without coughing every 15 minutes (and so that Husband can also get some sleep, and so that the cats can stop hiding from Mommy-Whose-Coughs-Hurt-Our-Ears), but she also said that my immune system is so wrecked right now that I basically cannot leave the house without contracting malaria or something. Yay!

Additionally, this infection has left me so weak that I'm seriously winded just walking across the room, so I've been confined to bed until this clears up -- a confinement which works well with the side-effect of tired-head from the medicated cough syrup. So I'm taking the week off by necessity and there may not be any deconstruction posts next week (depending on when I get well enough to write them). Thanks in advance for everyone's patience and I apologize for my garbage body, lol.


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