Review: Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising: secret stories of a sixties schoolgirlRed Moon Rising
by Pamela Mariko

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Red Moon Rising / B004TEYHMK

I'm really stunned with this excerpt - despite the fact that I was worried a "set in the 60s" novel wouldn't appeal to today's YA audience, I absolutely loved this excerpt and want very badly to read more. The pacing and characterization is superb, and the opening is such a strong hook - pregnancy scares and (sarcastic?) threats of suicide, all covered with this wonderfully dry wit. I think it would have been easy to turn Andrea into a snarking Mary Sue, but that thankfully hasn't happened - she seems very real and genuinely vulnerable. I was touched that she returned to playing with dolls for awhile immediately after her father's death - that seemed like a very nice and realistic detail.

I really don't know where this is going, but I want very much to find out. I also especially love the tarot references and the "maiden, mother, crone" symbolism sprinkled in - it reminds me a lot of a Joanne Harris novel and is very well done.

NOTE: This review is based on a sample excerpt of this book provided through the ABNA contest.

~ Ana Mardoll

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