eReader: Free Library of Philadelphia

One of the incredible things about having an eReader (yes, even a Kindle!) is being able to check out and read library books on your eReader without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, funding for public libraries being what it is, not every library has yet affiliated with the Overdrive lending program, or necessarily has a large number of licenses.

If you're new to the library scene, you can check if your library has an Overdrive online lending program from your library's web page or from the Overdrive library search

Hopefully, your local library will be represented among the Overdrive partners (and if they aren't, do remember to write them and express your interest!), but if you're interested in being a member of more than one online library, I can't recommend highly enough the delightful Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP).

Like most public libraries, the FLP is free for local residents to join and use, but people who aren't residents of Philadelphia can still join and use the library for the extremely reasonable fee of $35 a year. The application process can be done entirely by mail, but locating the links can be a little tricky.

  • The main page of the FLP where you can search the library catalog can be found here
  • The FLP account registration process can be followed here.
  • The FLP mail application (to be sent with your check) can be downloaded here.

Your new FLP card takes about two weeks to arrive in the mail, and you may need to call to activate it once it does arrive, but the process overall is fairly painless and a wonderful deal for dedicated readers.

Do remember, though, to support your local library - and it never hurts to call up and ask how you can go about donating the funds for the latest eBooks you're interested in reading. If you're fairly certain that you're only going to read an eBook once, there's no harm in buying it for the library rather than having it sit on your Nook-account or Kindle-account or SonyReader-account or wherever else for all eternity.


Benson Grayson said...

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Ana Mardoll said...

Hi Benson! You might consider filling out my author interview template so that we can feature your book on the blog in its own interview! :)

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