Open Thread: Why I Love My Husband

As much as I hate my current day job, it has one advantage (apart from, you know, regular pay) in that Husband works at the same company and we can communicate through the inter-office IM system as much as we want. I really love Husband's company and conversation, so this is a major perk in my day, and we often spend time chatting while our respective softwares install, compile, spawn child processes, and otherwise live out their short happy lives.

I also rely on Husband mightily to reassure me and calm me down when I get frustrated with my current job. He does this with patience and aplomb and seems to be only getting better as time goes by, for which I am thoroughly grateful. Today, for instance, we had this exchange:

Ana [11:06 AM]:
I have a rant.
But it's not worth saying. Because you don't really care and it will just get me worked up and it's stupid.
 So instead I'm just going to do this: 
Ranty stuff! Rant! Rant! You know?? Rant. Rant, rant, rant. Rant!! Oh well. Rant.
Now I want you to say that you understand and I'm right and you love me. 

Husband [11:11 AM]:
your rant was very eloquent... deserves to be on your blog

And while that may sound like sarcasm over the internet, believe me when I say it was the kindest thing he could have done for me and that I am the luckiest woman alive. *grins*


J.D.M. said...

That is rather kinda adorable. And I'm sure your hubs is thinking the same thing about you. ;)

Plus, your rant was rather eloquent. Just sayin'.

Ana Mardoll said...


Why, thank you! If brevity is the soul of wit, then perhaps I did hit the mark there. ;)

Kit Whitfield said...

Now that's fine husbanding. Sounds like you got a catch there. :-)

Guest said...

My only thought is... why did it take him five minutes to respond?

Ange said...

I sent this to my husband with a note - "Sounds like a conversation we'd have!"

Five minutes later, he responds - "We did - last night!"


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