Review: Elfquest The Grand Quest

ElfQuest 1: The Grand Quest (DC)Elfquest The Grand Quest
by Wendy Pini

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Elfquest: The Grand Quest / 1-4012-0136-9

If I were rating the content of this comic book alone, I would give it five stars immediately, but I do want to note that there is a better version of this comic book available - a version I already owned when I accidentally picked this up at a trade swap, thinking it was new material I hadn't seen before!

Everything in this comic is included (and then some) in the "Elfquest Archives Vol. 1" - which has larger pages, more detailed drawings, and gorgeously breath-taking color on every page. The content itself - the pictures, plot, and dialogue - is the same between both versions, as best that I can tell, and the full archive version has more resolution - this book only covers up to the very beginning of the Zwoot stampede, and thus does not cover the resolution of Cutter and Leetah's romance arc, nor anything after that.

Really, this book covers probably half of the archive, so even though the archive costs more, you're getting a lot more for your dollar. And if you already own the archive, you don't need to purchase this volume.

~ Ana Mardoll

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