Open Thread: Squirrel

This was the sixth of seven photos I took of the squirrel.  It's the only one in which I managed to get the camera to focus on the squirrel instead of the grass behind the squirrel.  As absurdly useful as auto-focus is, I really wish it would be quicker and easier to override when the situation calls for it.

Picture taken on the tenth circa 5:24 PM.

Sorry for the lack of open thread last week.


We sometimes have special open threads set aside for discussing various movies, said discussions including plain text spoilers.  That said, we do not currently have any.  You do not need such a thread to discuss a movie.  Provided you encipher any spoilers (the standard method is by summoning Cthulhu) discussion of movies is quite welcome in the regular open threads.

The special threads are for cases where movie-talk might threaten to drown out other discussion, is expected to take place over multiple weeks, or both.  If you believe a given movie calls for one, simply say so.  Be aware, however, that I'm not remotely on top of things right now, it's probably best if you @ me (chris the cynic, not Ana) to get my attention.


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