August Newsletter (2020)

August is here! I'd say welcome to the summer season but it's been 100 degrees fahrenheit almost every day here for what feels like weeks so the welcome would be remarkably late in coming at this point. Kissmate and I spent the morning trimming the willow tree in the backyard (a lovely monster that never stops growing and threatens to consume us all in its soft, susurrating embrace) and even though it was very early in the day we were still dripping with sweat by the end. It's hot out there and very humid. (At least by my standards.)

Kissmate and I are doing well! My allergic reaction to the surgery sutures is starting to calm down, which means the sutures are starting to dissolve as intended. We still can't lift our arms above our heads and mobility is somewhat limited (this, too, will fade with time) but the pain has become much more manageable for me and is entirely gone for Kissmate. Best of all, we both still love our new look! Dysphoria levels have gone way down and it just feels so amazing to not have breasts anymore. I don't even really remember what it was like to have them. I recall not enjoying the sensation, but it's like a memory of a dream: hazy and faraway and uncertain.

If I have any complaints at all, it's that I still have to sleep more than I would like and it's slowing down progress on all my projects. But that's getting better over time; this last week I stayed up late writing on three different nights and it was wonderful feeling the words flow. I haven't really been up to my old word counts since the 2016 election, and covid has not helped at all, so feeling the urge to write again has been fantastic.

I have some thoughts I want to put before you all about a book I'm planning, but that's another post.

Patreon News

All Patrons: We have some wonderful live-watches of bad movies scheduled for your reading pleasure this month. Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Eurovision Song Contest on Netflix (warning: I do not recommend this one if you have triggers around sexual assault), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and VelociPastor. Some of these are from Kissmate and some from me; he is really enjoying writing live-watches for you all and loves your comments.

$5+ Patrons: I'm working on another installment in Miriam and Emil's story but have fallen behind. I am almost done with--and hope to post this week--a lovely fanfic about Medusa and a blind trans boy who comes to her island. This one was inspired by the utterly dreadful 2010 Clash of the Titans movie. In other news, I'm working on a sequel to No Man of Woman Born but would like to get your opinions on some things. A post will be going up about that.

Older Links

My Ramblings Deconstructions: Here. A new one is going up soon about Afterland, yet another Gender Plague novel in the vein of Sleeping Beauties.

My YouTube Let's Plays: Here.

My Favorite Tumblr Funnies: Here.

@DivorceKittens: Here.


Please continue to stay safe out there, and please wear a mask! I am so worried about all of you and have already lost a couple friends to covid. Please take care. I love you.


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