Metapost: I Live, I Lurk, I Languish

Okay, I'm not languishing very much, but I couldn't think of another L word. :P

I'm here! I'm alive! I'm reading the comments and enjoying them very much. You may also note that I posted another Narnia repost today. I am going to try really hard to get a new Narnia out this week. This week has been busy.

[TW: Medical Stuff]

Specifically, January and February are just historically bad months for me. I'm dealing with medical stuff that has basically shot my short-term memory all to shit, so a friend is helping me setup extensive to-do lists with things like "bring bear to bed" because otherwise I will forget to bring my bear to bed despite the fact that I forgot the last 50 nights in a row and had to get up after settling in. And family and friends have been told to email me for literally anything they want me to do because no matter how hard they stress it in person or over the phone, I will forget if it isn't written down for me. We're adjusting and fortunately no one has been too mad with me.

Also: January and February are "gather up all your tax documents and fret about that whole indie author thing because IRS" months for me, so that's going on too. Little stuff like that. It'll be fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine.


Speaking of authory things, I'm trying not to spam the board with book updates, so I've revived my old Wordpress site to be a Very Mature Adult Author site. There are things there. Most of which you've already seen, but one post is new. There's also a subscribe button, and I feel a little burst of joy every time someone presses it and I get a subscription email.

Uhhh, other than that, I guess I uploaded another Undertale video. FOLLOW ME ON YOUTUBE? FOLLOW ME... EVERY WHERE? FOLLOW ME TO THE GATES OF HEAVEN, WE WILL STORM--


Sorry, I get carried away sometimes. Anyway! I'm here. Hi! :)


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