Open Thread: Cleaning

Hosted by a young girl holding a duster
So the other day, my cat got outside for like five minutes - long enough for the fleas that apparently hang out just outside the door waiting for him to jump aboard.  So today has been a cleaning day!  We've spent the day getting the entire house picked up (a monumental task), sprinkled the floor with Borax, and will be vacuuming soon.

I won't lie - I hate vacuuming.  It is the worst.  I don't know what about it I hate so bad - it's not tiring or hard or anything.  I just hate doing it, like, SO bad.  But it's not really optional today, so!

Open thread!  What is your least-favorite cleaning chore?  What's your favorite - or at least the one you don't completely hate?  Have you had any big cleaning projects lately, or coming up?  Do you have any tips for helping housework go faster and easier?
 ~ Kristycat


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