Metapost: Week Off + Twilight Piano

Folks, I have family coming down to stay with us--I still don't even know how many or when they are leaving, because of reasons but I think it will be a full week--so there won't be a Twilight or Narnia this week because I won't be here to moderate them and also because they aren't written yet. I'll try to resume regular posting next week, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

However! I will leave you with this EPIC VIDEO which I really suggest you watch (I'm not a big YouTuber, so you know I have to really like something to share it). TheOtherMelinda found it, and it's a piano song worthy of Edward's supernatural talents:

And you really wanna also read this after. RELEASE THE PENGUINS. I am crying with laughter, ya'll.


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