Open Thread: Chicken

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So apparently keeping chickens as pets is a Thing.

Keeping chickens, in general, has been a thing for a while, even in cities and suburbs - my parents' neighbors have chickens in their backyard.  (Technically I'm not sure if they're allowed to, but nobody's complained, so whatever.)  But my aunt and uncle now have a rooster that they swear is as affectionate as a dog, and I'm seeing and hearing about more and more people who like... have chickens that sit on their laps and get petted and fussed over and stuff.

...actually, they do look like they'd be kinda soft to pet.

Open thread!  Have you ever had, or known someone who has, a chicken for a pet?  Is this a weird idea, or kinda cool?  Have you kept chickens for reasons other than as a pet (eggs, meat)?   Can someone with more experience than me regarding chickens chime in on whether chickens make decent pets or not, and whether or not they are affectionate?  How would you react if you were visiting a friend and their pet hen came over and settled down in your lap to be petted?  Does anyone have interesting stories regarding chickens?
 ~ Kristycat

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