Recommends: Wendy Believed In Fairies

Sent to me from Kristycat, because she is awesome: Wendy Darling believed in fairies all her life.

This gave me ALL the blubs, and I think those of you who like post-Narnia Susan fic will like it too. I'm especially impressed at how the author has explored some of the questions we've recently talked about with regards to Lucy Pevensie and the difficulties involved in making friends with "normal" girls after coming back from a fairytale world. (I love-love-love the resolution to this question.)

And my favorite line in this, possibly my favorite line in anything ever, is here:
Wendy wondered what the mermaids would have said, if she had ever learned their tongue. She wondered what stories Tinkerbell could have told her. She wondered if Tiger Lily would have taught her how to dance.

She wondered why none of the women in Neverland had been able to speak to her. She wondered why she hadn’t tried.


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