Open Thread: Doves

Hosted by a pigeon coming back to earth

I'm not so much intrigued by the picture itself as I am by the fact that it's actually labeled "Pigeon Coming Back From Outer Space."  When, y'know, a white bird with an olive branch in its mouth is usually labeled a dove.  I recently found out that doves and pigeons are pretty much the exact same bird, and the fact continues to tickle me, since doves are viewed in popular culture as beautiful pure symbols of peace, while pigeons are viewed as winged rats (and not the cute rats either.)  I don't think the artist meant to be subversive by labeling this a pigeon and not a dove, but I'll take it.

...I was also amused by the page where I found it.  See, the site where I find the free pictures will often suggest similar non-free pictures on the page, in an attempt to get me to spend money for them.  For this, the closest "similar" suggestion for a picture about "coming back from outer space" is...


I'm not even kidding, and I fell off my chair laughing.


 ~ Kristycat

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