Open Thread: Cold and Ice

Hosted by water turning into ice

So... Florida people don't understand cold.  We don't get it.  Cold is something that happens to Other People.  We're just not used to it at all - this morning, for instance.  Half the country is dealing with -20 degree weather, snow up to their armpits, losing power, unable to drive... and here I am, walking into my sunny 35-degree backyard going "WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THIS SENSATION DO I NEED AN ACTUAL JACKET WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??"  Because for Florida, that's cold.

But for serious now, a LOT of the country is dealing with some pretty nasty cold-and-ice issues.  Here is a list I found on Tumblr of resources to help homeless people and anyone else at risk of hypothermia, and another full of tips for staying as warm as possible.

Is everyone ok and safe?  Does anyone have any more tips for staying warm?  (I remember one time in college, surprised by a sudden ice storm that knocked out all power in our town for almost a week, my apartment dragged all mattresses, pillows, and blankets into the living room and made a HUGE bed that slept five people!  It is NOT A BAD PLAN, especially if the power goes out!)  Does anyone have any stories about how the cold weather is affecting them and how they're dealing with it?  Share, give tips, discuss, and STAY SAFE!!!
 ~ Kristycat, who is still whining about the slight chill in the air, but nevertheless worries about y'all

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