Metapost: Heads Up

Lovelies, I probably won't have a deconstruction post up on Tuesday, but I'm going to try to get one up for Thursday. I'm sorry to leave you hanging after we just had a long break, but I'm trying to get the last of the citizen testimony videos out while also trying to get the HB2 and SB1 transcripts cleaned up and sent the editor so that she can start on Monday, so I've been strapped for time this weekend because everything is taking me longer than I think it will.

(I need to awaken my hands so that I can type faster or something, but knowing my luck my awakened form would probably be hooves or something, so. Also, only about a third of you will probably get what the heck I'm talking about, so I should probably wrap that joke up.)

And frankly, the biggest problem is less me and more that my video processing software doesn't move at the speed of thought, but that's probably not the programmers' fault. Ah well. 

Anyway. Tuesday: No post, and I'm sorry. Thursday: Definitely going to try to get something out.


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