Open Thread: Deer Me!

Hosted by a watchful deer
Years ago, when I had no car, I had to leave an hour early to take the bus to work, then walk the last mile in.  I hated it.  I hated walking through the dark, on the section of road with no sidewalk, cold and tired.

Until one day, with no cars on the road and no one else in sight, a deer and her fawn bounded out of the woods on one side of the road, glanced carelessly at me, then leapt across the street and into the woods on the other side.  Right in the middle of Orlando.

Open thread!  What's the strangest situation where you've ever been surprised by a wild animal?  Have you ever seen a bear wander through your campsite, or an inordinate number of owls gather in your backyard, or caught a raccoon red-handed in the act of stealing your garbage?  If you don't live in an area where wild animals are common, what animal would you most (or least!) like to meet in the wild?
 ~ Kristycat

Wednesday Reminder!  Open threads are meant to be fun, chatty places to discuss anything that doesn’t “fit” into a deconstruction or other regular thread.  This can be something totally off-the-wall and random, or it can be something interesting that a deconstruction prompted you to think of, but which would be derailing to get into in the deconstruction thread.  When in doubt, move it over here - that’s what it’s for!  

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