Open Thead: The List

To do today:

  1. Read short story from [redacted]. 
  2. Read short story from [redacted]. 
  3. Start collecting all the ghost stories from AMP forum and see where we stand, numbers-wise.
  4. Upload Pulchritude to Audible. 
  5. Send another box off to the cut-and-scan place. 
  6. Cancel magazine subscriptions. 
  7. Call boss re: part-time work. 

Actually done today:

  1. Ate breakfast. 
  2. Walked with Mom down the block in 100 degree weather. (Physical Therapy.)
  3. Left a message on boss' voicemail.
  4. Wrote exceedingly rambly and verging on incoherent post about Trigger Warnings that started with "why is this so $^%&ing hard to understand", segued into intersectionality issues courtesy of Rowen and Dave, and ended with an apology to everyone I've been pissy to whilst depressed. (~6 hours.)

So don't feel bad if you didn't get much done today.


Will Wildman said...

The first list is good, but all the stuff on the second list seems just as worthwhile. Well, maybe not the 100 degree weather, but I'm guessing you weren't consulted on your meteorological preferences for the day, so that one is not on you. =)

Ana Mardoll said...

Ha. Today Mom said we might have to put these walks on hold for awhile; it's getting REALLY hot.

And you say that, but I feel bad for my redacteds! :D

Michael Mock said...

I keep starting to do things, and then I look up and half an hour has gone by and my Facebook is open. My current theory is that the Loa are riding me, and that's why I can't get anything done. Or maybe it's just the lack of sleep.

chris the cynic said...

Wrote exceedingly rambly and verging on incoherent post about Trigger Warnings that started with "why is this so $^%&ing hard to understand", segued into intersectionality issues courtesy of Rowen and Dave, and ended with an apology to everyone I've been pissy to whilst depressed. (~6 hours.)

Oh crap, that's my doing isn't it?

JonathanPelikan said...

Bleh. I have many days where I end up just feeling like a lump (partially because I am, partially because of other stuff) so posts like these really help me feel better. :)

Ana Mardoll said...

LOL, I guess you could see it that way, but it needed doing. It's all good, I just hope the post is valuable to folks when it goes up. :)

Aidan Bird said...

It's 100 degrees here too. Urg. I empathize greatly. My usual bike around the block has been put off because of this awful weather. Now I just need to remind myself to do some exercises indoors... except lately I've been in this depressed state of just poking things online, not really wanting to do anything, and just existing. Unable to be productive, but at the same time, thinking that I need to be productive.

You know, now that I think about it, I did one thing today:
No, make that two:
Hosting that contest will force me to stay more active, which will be good for me.

Actually, considering how depressed I've been of late, those are the only things I've done in the past several days. Other than occasionally posting comments here and taking me friend to a fast food place at night because it's too hot to do anything during the day.

Appreciating what we did get done, even if it's not our original plans, is a really great exercise.

Ana Mardoll said...

It is. And a point about this heat. I know at least 6 different people who have been UNUSUALLY TIRED thi month (self included) and draggy and not accomplishing things. I don't know if it's the heat or allergies or high fructose corn syrup or aliens or WHAT, but it's becoming tiresome. Perk up, body! Perk!!

chris the cynic said...

Heat always sucks the life right out of me, then again I'm from the north where it's not supposed to get so hot.

Ivy Sylvan said...

*delurks* I've noticed that, too. Not just at home but also at work, where I really should find something productive to do before my boss sees me with my head on my arms at the register. But it's been too damned hot to care! At least, I assume it's heat-based apathy. I don't have any history of depression in my family, and nothing else has really changed...

Dav said...

Don't worry. I managed to take a shower, make lunch, take two Vicodin, and (my big accomplishment) fall back asleep with my cat until my migraine faded to vague uneasiness. This is a triumph, since the weather has been making me feel like someone is prying out my left eyeball with a crowbar for ~3 days now.

TW: graphic surgical methods that might result in harm
I completely understand why people might have been willing to try trepanation; if I had any confidence it would work for me, I might consider it. Or anything else. And for the love of god, if one more non-migraineur casually advises me to try not drinking red wine, or to figure out my diet triggers, I will lose my shit. Because yeah, the eyeball-prying that's been going on for years has not prompted me to figure out what might be related in any way, shape, or form, thanks-very-much.

graylor said...

My day sounds sort of productive, but wasn't really.

Made an afghan square.
Washed clothes.
Hung out clothes.
Picked tomatoes.
Gave tomatoes to neighbor.
Drove to town to give tomatoes to my sister, who was apparently asleep, so I had to leave the basket and all on her porch--> have to drive back to town tomorrow to fetch basket because we are inexplicably down to two.
Went to grocery store.
Made chili with fresh tomatoes.

And now, with yet more tomatoes (we have twenty or so plants because my father always overplants) sitting on the porch, I am going to do my *^&% yoga tonight. Woman was not made for tomatoes, tomatoes were made for woman. Or something. It could be worse: it could be corn

Loquat said...

I did laundry, bought some groceries, made bean dip with oven-dried tomatoes, and made vague attempts to help rally my different groups of MMO friends into all playing on the same Guild Wars 2 server.

Oven-drying tomatoes is fun - I've got this prolific plant producing yellow pear tomatoes, but they feel kind of mushy when I eat them raw, so I cut them in half and season them and put them in the oven at 250 for a couple of hours and they're great.

Ana Mardoll said...

Thanks to bizarre sleeplessness (really, body? You are tired ALL DAY and then refuse to sleep? Why.), I did at least get #3 done. By my count -- which may well be wrong -- we have 7 of 15 ghosty/deathy stories for the AMP ghost-themed anthology. Which is very exciting. And I've another one potentially sitting in my inbox from J.D.

More here: Short Story Round-Up: GHOST LIGHTS

I'd love-love-love for some more stories from anyone so inclined. Or, if you're more the Editory Type, all the posts in there could use a good eyeballing for content -- I'm afraid I don't have the time to read all the stories as rigorously as I'd like.

JonathanPelikan said...

My fiance linked me to this just now on tumblr:
Immediately thought of this blog, particularly that post with Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker, given how it's a role reversal thing.

Launcifer said...

Well, my closest friend insisted on catching up, which was good. Somehow this involved going to see the new Batman film, which he loved and I... did not. Cue four hours of pussyfooting around the subject as it slowly dawned on the both of us. We got a new film-clash catchphrase out of it though, which was awesome.

Ana Mardoll said...

I'm getting the impression that it's a riff off a girl in the same pose? I haven't seen the original though.

Smilodon said...


We got a basket at the farmers market, but I eat tomatoes like apples, and the basket is gone (except for some that are reserved for cooking dinner, over my strenuous objections). And the farmer's market is closed until next Saturday, and the grocery store still only has hothouse tomatoes - there's usually a lag before they catch up with local produce. So I'm slightly jealous of your problems, graylor.

Will Wildman said...

I'm not sure if there is an original, and either way I'm not sure there needs to be in order for it to work - really, without an original, I think it emphasises how ridiculous the whole exoticised Girl Gamer archetype is when presented ex nihilo.

Brin Bellway said...

Tomatoes are my least favourite part of the garden. Most of them end up with holes or rotting or holes and rotting* but still have to be touched in order to dispose of them. Plus the ones that make it intact don't even taste good unless you're Mom. (Well, Dad and Brother like them made into spaghetti sauce, but that doesn't help me any.)

Mom was so happy to get her first home-grown tomato a few days ago. *sigh*

*The icky whole is actually less than the sum of its parts, because if it's clearly rotting there's much less shock when discovering the hole.

graylor said...

They make the kitchen smell so good when they're drying, too. Like awesome tomato soup. *happy sigh*

graylor said...

Sounds like you eat tomatoes the way I eat fresh peaches, ;-p. If you live in an area with farmers, you might find someone willing to sell you some right out of the field if the craving becomes too much. (Or maybe that's just a thing around here, but we have had strangers stop and ask about beans and stuff.) Anything would be better than the hothouse ones in the grocery store.

I grouse about them now, but I'll be happy to have tomatoes this winter.

Smilodon said...

Mmmmm fresh peaches ... I'm relying on those for snacks since I am without tomatoes. (It usually takes me until about January before I've forgotten the taste of real tomatoes and I can start buying hothouse tomatoes again.)

I don't have a car, otherwise I probably would drive to a farm and look sad and hopeful. (I've never done it before, but there's a lot of farms just outside the city so I expect it would work). But I'll just wait it out ... at least the peaches are good right now.

chris the cynic said...

Yesterday I made spaghetti, by which I mean "wide egg noodles". I didn't have an unfrozen meat so I took some out of the freezer to thaw.

Today I made more. In parallel I heated up the meat, combined it with leftover sauce, and diced tomatoes from a can. Then I mixed everything together, today's pasta, yesterday's pasta, meat-sause-diced-tomatoes.

Those are my accomplishments for the past two days. The food does taste good.

Ana Mardoll said...

I'm glad you're eating well. Self-care is important, and it's more difficult than a lot of people give it credit for. And wide egg noodles are awesome. :)

chris the cynic said...

This is actually part of a renewed effort to make sure that I'm eating well.

Sometime after I stopped growing I was at a certain weight that seemed to work well for me, then things happened and I put on about 90-95 lbs. Then I lost most of it but never quite got back to, "This is the weight that worked for me." Got within 10-15 lbs, yes, but not back to where I was.

Recently I've noticed that I seem to be getting closer to old weight, which would be a good thing if I were trying to do that. But I've put in exactly zero effort of late. There is no good reason for my weight to be dropping, so that leaves bad reasons.

So I wondered if maybe the lack of energy I've been having might not be solely about the horrendous job I've been doing at getting enough sleep. I was wondering if I might not be feeding myself enough. Hence the effort to eat.

depizan said...

Lack of food certainly can make people low on energy. And stress, depression, and the like can cause people to lose weight. (At least emotional distress causes me to lose weight.)

Who knows, maybe feeding yourself tasty food will even boost your mood a little. There is a reason people talk about comfort foods. And, frankly, if it works, that seems like one of the better ways to self medicate. (Probably better than my terrible Coca-cola habit...)

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