Metapost: Updates You Won't Care About

Well, it's true! LOL.

The Blog Policy page and the associated sub-pages are shinier now and significantly less rambly. Good gods, but they were rambly! Why am I so rambly? I honestly couldn't begin to guess.

Randomly, the Interview Policy page is now REALLY spiffy. It has an automated form submission thing now. I'm pretty proud of it.

Anyway, carry on. Ya'll rock.


chris the cynic said...

You know, I looked to your page, specifically your affiliate policy page, for guidance on how to make my own blog policy page and then created one that was even more rambly but with less actual content. (I am only a member of one affiliate program, you see.)

So far I've made 68 cents. Mind you, I think that was a fluke.

Part of that being that I don't do a lot that would make people want to click over to Amazon and buy stuff. I've been considering doing movie review type stuff since that's something I would do even if there weren't a possibility of profit, but I never seem to have anything to say about stuff I think is good. I can give a long, at times surprisingly feminist, explanation of why I think Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a bad movie, but when I see a movie I like my reaction is more, "I liked it, I recommend it," which doesn't make a good post. Kind of short.

So even though I'm probably going to start doing that at some point, I don't think that will result in any affiliate revenue. This doesn't seem realistic:
"Here's an essay on why Skyline sucks."
"That makes me want to buy Skyline." *clicks link and then buys Skyline*

Ana Mardoll said...

Well, you never know when people will buy things as Snark Bait, ha. But I will say in full disclosure that at least 80% of my revenue comes from people buying SD cards from my post on rooting the Nook Color and ads from people watching my videos on rooting the Nook Color. And that was like, a year ago, and I never expected that to take off AT ALL. So... apparently tutorials is where it's at. o.O

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