Metapost: Forum Fun

Do you know who's not wasting enough time? YOU are not wasting enough time. True, true.

So to solve that problem, there is a new Forums link up at the top of the page that takes you to a nice sandbox area for chatting. How does this accomplish anything more than chatting in threads? It doesn't! Except you can make your own threads, so that's kind of cool. If anyone feels an urgent need to make threads, please do so. This is sort of an experiment to see what people do/don't want on the site. If it gets used, great; if not, we'll scrap it. If nothing else, I have a place to post my own personal randomness because I feel oddly guilty using the actual site for that. As if you all want to hear my randomness. The very idea.

Also. J.D. made me promise not to tell too many people, but ya'll are practically family. J.D. and I (mostly J.D., because she's so much smarter than I in this regard) are working on a more "writerly" forum. It's kind of a mini-NaNo because I find the actual NaNo forums a little ginormous and overwhelming. J.D. and I are also using the forum to collaborate on some author anthologies we'd like to put out -- it's a great way to get writerly toes wet and increase brand name -- and you're all invited to pitch in if you're interested. The forum is here, and though J.D. says it's very much under construction, I think it's pretty sweet. I've got my NaNo first chapter up (the new new one) and I encourage all the Nanites to post the same if you want.

Now back to your regularly scheduled posting.


BrokenBell said...

Oooh. I mean, I'm probably not going to be much help in keeping them busy (I've never been one for frequent posting. It once took me two years to break the 1000 post mark, and that was on a forum I spent hours on almost every day) but I love the idea. A new tab to leave open! I was running low.

Mime_Paradox said...

Question: Would there be space on the forum for critiquing essays in progress? I'm thinking mostly of a statement of purpose essay I've written for my application to the JET Program, which I'd like some feedback on, but I'm thinking it could also work for aspiring Slacktiverse writers.

Ana Mardoll said...

Absolutely! I think we could work on all our cover letters, too. ;)

Mime_Paradox said...

Yay! ^_^ Which subforum would you recommend they go in? Individual Inspiration? Or Aspiring Advice?

Ana Mardoll said...


Well, I was thinking II would be for works in progress (read my first chapter, help me get unstuck, etc.) and AA would be more like help with technical details (how do I get an editor, what's the best conversion program for epub), etc. If that helps.

But, seriously, it's not overloaded with threads yet. ;)

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