Metapost: Breaking Dawn Comments

This is the "snicker at Ana while she sits through Breaking Dawn" thread. I'll be (hopefully) updating my Twitter feed here --!/anamardoll -- as long as it doesn't distract anyone else in the theater. However, since I'm getting the 10:30 am showing at a theater known for its pizza and beer, I think it should be pretty empty.


Brin Bellway said...

The theater time-wasting slides helpfully inform me that Robert P beat out 3,000 other actors for the role of Edward.
19 minutes ago

Since that's three past the hour at time of writing, I'm guessing you're on Central and were already sitting in the theatre half an hour early? That's a bit on the early side even for my mom.

Ah, theatre time-wasting slides. Same six trivia questions over and over and over...

Good luck!

Brin Bellway said...

Three minutes into the movie, and Edward is playing head games. Stay classy, Edward.

It took him three whole minutes? No, more importantly, how many of his lines did it take him?

Brin Bellway said...

Sweet jumping grasshoppers, the MPAA is full of crap!!

Don't you mean sweet pan-seared jumping grasshoppers?

(Actually, that might be kind of tasty. I've never had grasshopper before, but I think they're among the edible ones. Would be nice to try.)

(Also, I must work "pan-seared" into my exclamations at some point. Preferably when speaking aloud, though such fine control over phrasing would be difficult. I haven't had enough odd looks recently.)

Brin Bellway said...

Of course we own our own island. Have I mentioned we're rich?

Occupy Isle Esme!

We don't have mosquito nets, though. We don't allow mosquitos on our island.

Like the mosquitoes could actually pierc...hang on, don't they have human servants? They don't have mosquito nets either? If it was only Bella, it might be understandable if they forgot to bring them, but I was told there would be other humans.

Nathaniel said...

Does the werewolf ever put on a shirt, or is that a false rumor?

Pthalo said...

It's over! Look at the pretty credits! And it wasn't as bad as I'd feared! Thank you, Twitter, for keeping me happy and healthy.

yay Ana's comin' home!

chris the cynic said...

Ana survived!

Pthalo said...

@Kit: I think this is the answer to your question about the movie "OMG BIRTH SCENE OF HORRIBLENESS."

@Ana: tell us what you meaned about how Jessica was trollin' the movie

Ana Mardoll said...

It was his first line, actually. Spot on!

Ana Mardoll said...

I'm back home!! I'll put up a post expanding my Twitter comments -- give me an hour or two -- and then you'll get a Very Serious Post on 12/10 about the whole thing.

Occupy Isle Esme!

That made me laugh SO VERY HARD. Fortunately, I was in the car at that point. :D

Rikalous said...

Of course they don't have mosquito nets. Hemophage solidarity.

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