Open Thread: Moon

A while back, my camera died.*  Faced with the choice of not having a camera or hundreds of dollars of new debt, I went with option two.  (As you might guess from the fact that open threads all† feature pictures I took myself, being able to take pictures is kind of important to me.)

Apparently, it took me a very long time to point replacement camera at the moon.  I think that this is not, in fact, the first time I pointed current-camera at the moon.  However, if I'm right, the other time would have been on a mostly cloudy night while riding shotgun in moving car on a winding (and possibly bumpy) road.

This, by contrast, was a handheld shot from my sister's driveway on a clear evening.  My hands are not steady.  My hands are, in fact, a sort of anti-steady.

As such, this picture has blown my mind and completely altered how I think about what an unsupported camera in my unsteady hands can do.


*How much of a while?  The November 2nd open thread picture was a test picture I took in the mall, but out of the store, after buying current-camera (the replacement for dead camera.)

† This statement has not been verified by an archive crawl, but it --at the very least-- feels true in the context of recent history.


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