Open Thread: Dropped my hat off a bridge again

[Warning: long explanation here.]
[You may want to jump to the section break, which has a possibly useful meta note in it.]

One may note that it's in shallow water close to the shore.  I got it back.  I got it back with the help of a long stick that I think was some kind of cheap and basic indoor architectural trimming, which had no business being on the sea shore.

What happened was, I was taking pictures of some clouds.  I'm not even sure why.  They weren't spectacular or anything.  I just started taking pictures of clouds and ended up stuck in "taking pictures of clouds" mode, but through a process known as "wind" the clouds moved across the sky, and I ended up having to face more or less straight up to get all of the clouds.  That's when my had fell off of my head, off of the bridge, and into the estuary.

Fortunately I was already at the spot where the pedestrian exit to the bridge is located.

I think this is the first time I've ever dropped a hat off of this particular bridge.  I also think that it's the first time I dropped this particular hat.  I have an unfortunate habit of losing my hat.  I forget it on the bus.  I forget it at the bus station.  I forget it other places that I have since forgotten.  I possibly even drop it in places that are unretrievable.

(Chrome tells me that unretrievable is not a word.  I care not for your prescriptivism, Chrome.  If you're going to get all tetchy about such things, why not get people to start using the subjunctive properly or something equally laudable?)

As a final note, I've actually been a lot better about hat stuff lately.  I think this is the first time this year I've had a had problem, and I don't think the last problem (whenever it was) was particularly late in the year last year.

~ Meta Stuff ~

It's on time for once, woo!

In other news, I meant to say this weeks ago, I think, but here's a thing on the film open threads:

I don't actually have some scientific means of testing whether a film (or TV show) will generate enough conversation to merit a separate thread so I tend to just provide them on request.

If you think that what you want to talk about isn't conversation-inducing enough to merit it's own open thread, then you should talk about it here (by which I mean a given week's general open thread) with spoilers in Cthulhu summoning form (cyphered with rot-13.)

If, conversely, you think enough people will want to talk about it (or a lesser number of people but at great length, or whatever) to merit a dedicated open thread, all you have to do is ask for one.  Then everyone can say as much as they want without worrying about drowning out other topics, and (provided they Lorem ipsum sufficiently) in plain text without any cipher or Cthulhu-esque SAN points damage.

I originally planned to say something to this effect re:Game of Thrones, but Ana swooped in and made an open thread for it (which is probably what I should have done anyway) before I got it composed, and then I . . . sort of lost track of the outside world.


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