September Newsletter (2018)

August is my birthday month--I'm a Leo, or so they tell me. I've never been very good with astrology. I don't seem to have the head for it. This year, August was also the month my husband left me. We'd been together for 8 years of marriage and 10 years total and he... just left. Moved out on my birthday. I haven't seen him since except to give him some papers he needed and a pair of socks which had fallen behind the hamper.

Most of you know this already because I've been bewailing on Twitter. I'm doing better, I think. I've stopped crying and have gone into a kind of numbness which I think is probably my body's way of coping. I've been picking up more hours at work than I can physically handle, but the money is helping right now. And my parents have come over every night this week to help me clean and empty litter boxes and stuff like that. They understand that being disabled is not easy right now.

I haven't done a lot of writing since he left. For awhile I was afraid he took the words with him, but then I wrote 64 words and I felt better. 64 words isn't a lot but it's proof that I haven't lost all of them. You can do a lot with 64 words if they're the right words, right? I tell myself that.

For those of you who joined Patreon or upped your pledges in order to support me through this: I cannot thank you enough. You are helping me more than I can say--I depend on Patreon so much for medical bills, for utility bills, for everything. Thank you. Please remember to claim your rewards (you deserve them!) and I am going to keep writing for you. I am. Please don't worry about that. The words will come for you. Because you deserve that too. Bless you all. ♡

If you're a Patron in the $25 paperback level, I have to beg your patience as I pull together everyone's addresses and the books they want. I ran out of physical books this week (thank you, Etsy customers!) and went to order more only to find that the at-cost prices for my books have either gone up or I made a maths error during the last order. Long story short: I'll be asking $25+ patrons which of my 4 paper books they would like, and I'll send one out each month until you've collected them all! It'll be like a book-of-the-month club and I hope very fun for everyone.

Now some links.

$2+ The Lost Last Princess of Ravelin. This is a three-part story which will be going up over August, September, and October. I really like this one and I hope you will too. It started with an idea from a D&D campaign about a disabled wizard and plays with myths, legends, and being propelled into the limelight by others.

$5+ Transcending Flesh, another essay for discussion and questions!

Lastly and again, thank you. When my spouse left, I felt so lonely. I had convinced myself that I had no worth as a person and that only he would ever care enough to keep me alive. When he left, I thought that was my last hope at life--but instead, I was lifted up by hundreds of friends and strangers. I have never known love like this and I am grateful beyond words. Thank you. ♥


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