Open Thread: Washed Out Goats

Short version:

I know it's a terrible picture, but it might be the last time that the camera that's been getting all of the pictures for these open threads manages to do anything that's not a total white-out, so have some goats.  I think there are three four in picture, but even I can't tell for sure.

For the long version, story time:

It's been death-hot for a long time, which has prevented me from walking to my appointments the way that I usually would.  By Monday the temperature dropped to normal-hot.  While various factors conspired to prevent me from having the time to walk to my appointment, I was able to walk back.

I was surprised by goats.

I have no idea how long they've been there because it's been so long since it was actually safe for me to walk (heat and I don't mix) but there were goats.  Apparently there's a problem with some invasive plant or other in that part of the South Portland near-coast and someone finally decided to reach for the logical solution: goats.

It being late in the day, overcast (I think), and under the shade of trees allowed my camera to take a picture.  Two, actually.  (The other one was worse.)  While one might think that pictures of swans would serve as a more appropriate swan song for the camera, I remind you that swans don't actually have swan songs.  As such, it kind of fits.  (Also there were no swans available.)

This is not the picture the camera took.  This is the digitally-edited less washed out version.


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