Open Thread: Waiting Room Fish

This is the law of the waiting room
     as old and as true as the sky,
The fish that keeps it shall prosper,
     but the fish that breaks it will cry,
For the strength of the school is the fish
     and the strength of the fish is the school

I was waiting in that room for ages, but I didn't notice the hanging fish sculpture mobiles until they'd reached me, x-rayed me, stuck me back in the room, eventually taken me out and put me in a bed, interviewed me, splinted me, x-rayed me again, had me wait on god know what still in the bed, and finally released me by wheeling me back in there.

I thought of trying to find something more upbeat, but I don't have too many recent photos to look at, digging up external hard drive with older photos isn't high on my list of things to do, and right now my broken ankle is the center of my world.

Plus, it's a pretty fish.


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