Open Thread: A cat named cat

Ok, technically she's named Pandora but we call her "cat".  I think it's because my sister named her Lydia and then unnamed her that and so by the time she had a solid name our brains weren't ready for it.  Whatever the case, this engine of entropy has been living with me since she was the size of my fist.

I think her being calico finally broke my family out of calling cats "cows" which started with a white cat with black spots that really did look like a cow's pattern and continued to the black and white cat after.

We weren't going to get a new cat.  We were going to wait until the loss of previous cat had faded and then think about the possibility of maybe considering an exploratory . . . At the end we had to manually feed previous cat (human) baby food.  When she died we had some left over.  We asked my sister if she knew anyone with a (human) baby who the food could be given to.  She did.  When she knocked on the door current cat was thrust into her arms with the words "Have a kitten" (or was it "Have a cat"?)

And thus she came to us, a fist sized lump of fur, with a hernia at the time, who tried to pick fights with a mutt (German Shepherd/Great Dane/????? mix) into whose mouth she could fit.

Since my mother left the family home, the cat's been my only free-roaming housemate (the gecko stays in its tank as it dislikes human contact, can run up walls in a flash, and bites hard.)

Since I've been at my house, except for one doctor visit, all week the most readily available pictures were the cat and actual real live fish at a different waiting room (is it a rule that waiting rooms need fish, be they actual or sculptural?) and since the camera couldn't decide whether to focus on the fish in the tank or the reflection off the tank . . . kitty!

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