Open Thread: Mid-Week Fundraiser and Notes

Hey all, this is Ana checking in. I'm no longer sick from the flu (mostly!) and will be working on a Narnia post today, but I wanted to pop in with an open thread post first.

coins by Luis Llerena

For one, this is a new fresh clean open thread because the last one was 100+ comments (awesome!) and it looked like we maybe needed a new one. Go wild!

For two, we've had a lot of questions regarding the blog policy on whether it's okay to share creative works in the open threads for commenting, and I've gotten valuable feedback from readers by email. So here's our policy (for now, until things change again!):

If you have a piece of fiction you'd like to share, please feel free to post an excerpt here in the open threads (so people can view your writing style and whether it's something they're interested in) along with a link to where the full piece lives and/or where any subsequent updates to the piece and reader comments will go. The opening excerpt doesn't need to be particularly short, but we would like to cut back on multiple-updates-within-the-same-open-thread-for-ongoing-works because that can make conversations hard to follow if they're being broken up by dozens of WIP updates. The moderation team and I hope that this new policy will keep the open threads tidy and approachable while still offering a "sharing" capability for folks seeking comments and readers. ♥

For three, I try not to do too many fundraiser posts around here because I know everyone is stretched pretty tight already, but if you can contribute to Chris she does a lot to run the blog here and I'd be lost without her help, her support, and all the work she puts into our open threads, updates, and comment moderation. She's having a rough month with a broken ankle and a broken computer, and if you can send some extra help her way I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much. ♡


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