Open Thread: I Swear I Did Not Make This Up

Hosted by an actual sign from my actual hometown

So this is a thing that happened, for real, in real life.  Welcome to Florida. 

Although I have been assured that it would fit right in in Texas as well.

Open thread!  Discuss the implications of getting a shotgun with your jewelry purchase!  Discuss what on earth it says about our culture that you CAN get a shotgun as a free gift!  Writer's challenge: come up with a non-horrifying scenario where someone sees this and goes "Hot damn, jewelry AND a gun!  Just what I needed!"  Discuss Florida and Texas and other regional stereotypes, and whether they are (in your experience) justified!  Or discuss something else entirely, it's a open thread!  Have fun :)

 ~ Kristycat

(side note: there are more than a few interpretations of this that can be trigger-ific, please note comments accordingly!  Thank you!)


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