Open Thread: Big Kitties

Hosted by a napping kitty

You know what I am a sucker for?  I am a sucker for big cats acting like little cats.  Big cats in boxes, big cats playing with toys, big cats unraveling toilet paper, it's all awesome.  I'm not sure WHY it delights my soul to see leopards and tigers and jaguars and ocelots acting like giant versions of my own goofball kitties, but it so does.

Open thread!  Do you know any cool big cat trivia, or have any big cat stories?  Do you have any more cool pictures or videos along these same lines?  (The judges will also accept "wolves acting like puppies" or other related themes.)  Or for that matter, any cool trivia or stories about small cats?  (Alternately you could ignore cats altogether and talk about, I don't know, Zen Buddhism or multivitamins or whether or not Darth Vader is a role model for fathers everywhere, cuz, y'know.  Open thread.)

 ~ Kristycat


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