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Hello, everyone!  It's your friendly* neighborhood moderator, Kristycat.  If you missed the previous announcement, Ana is on hiatus, and there is a very good chance she will not be coming back.  However, the blog is not closed yet!  Until and unless that happens, we are going to keep Open Threads up and running, so that people can chat and be social and so that the community can keep going.

Today's open thread is brought to you by pictures of Earth from space.  Because when I'm angry, they make me feel calm and happy :)  Astronaut Reid Wiseman has posted a whole metric fuckton of gorgeous pictures on his Twitter account, and that link there has 55 of the best of them.  They are beautiful!

Open thread!  Which pictures are your favorite?  Are you as excited about the space program as I am?  Do you have any interesting facts or exciting news about space or space-related science to share?  If outer space isn't really your thing, what other pictures or songs or stories, etc., do you like to use to help you feel calm and happy?  Please share!

~ Kristycat

*for given values of "friendly."  Results may vary.

(Mod note: commenting rules were significantly relaxed during the previous thread.  They are BACK ON.  Please be respectful and observe the comment policy.)


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