Open Thread: Yay, Spring!

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Happy Vernal Equinox!  Today is the first day of Spring!  Go celebrate by spending some time outside and looking at the beauty of the world reviving!

If you're Pagan, today is also Ostara.  Go celebrate by dyeing some eggs, lighting some candles, possibly petting some bunnies if you know any!

If you're not, today is also Fred Roger's birthday.  Go celebrate by meeting someone new in your neighborhood and looking for a way to make someone else's day better!

Open Thread!  What, if anything, does March 20 mean to you?  Are you planning anything today, or is it just a normal Wednesday?  (Even if it's just a normal Wednesday, are you doing anything fun today?)

~ Kristycat

Wednesday Reminder!  Open threads are meant to be fun, chatty places to discuss anything that doesn’t “fit” into a deconstruction or other regular thread.  This can be something totally off-the-wall and random, or it can be something interesting that a deconstruction prompted you to think of, but which would be derailing to get into in the deconstruction thread.  When in doubt, move it over here - that’s what it’s for!

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