Film Corner: The Bounty Hunter

[Content Note: Kidnapping, Gun Violence, Bondage]

If you've ever fantasized about getting back at your ex-spouse by violently kidnapping them, stashing them in a car trunk, handcuffing them to things without their consent, threatening them with a gun, and forcing them to pretend to be attracted to you in order to survive, here is the movie for you. At least, based on this absolutely stellar film trailer:

Rewrite time!

Heroine [being placed in car trunk]: You can not be serious!

Hero [sic]: I'm dead serious!

Bystander: Um, excuse me. I can't help but notice that you are kidnapping a woman in broad daylight. Now, I could assume that you have the "right" to do so, either through social ownership of this woman through patriarchal means or through legal ownership of this woman through laughably antiquated bounty hunter laws, and that because of that "right" I shouldn't intervene.

However, I do not subscribe to patriarchal world-views and I do not think that just because something is legal is it therefore right or moral. I am therefore going to leverage social pressure [Insert Numerous Concerned Citizens] to ensure that you let this woman go. We will then detain you here, again using social pressure, while she is free to leave the area and get far away from you. If she solves any crimes in the meantime, I'm sure that's only for the best for our society. Considering that even you yourself do not believe her to be a legitimate threat to society worthy of drastic measures such as gun violence and kidnapping, I think you'll decide on reflection that our approach is for the best.

And if you don't: fuck you. 


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