Recommends: Escher Girls FOREVER

Here is your weekly round-up of Escher Girls stuff. All links are probably NSFW.

Sexy redraw that is actually sexy, along with interesting words. Lots of them!

Gender-swap redesign pointing out that the sexualization of women in comics isn't the same as the sexualization of men.

DC Comics: Bad At Math. Burn!

Talk about these things! Or don't. Up to you.


chris the cynic said...

I'm confused, or maybe it's just the headache and long day, I thought recommends were merged into Monday musings. Not that I have any objections, those are good links.

On the first one I was trying to figure out what the white goo dripping off the woman in the original was and even after learning it's meant to be water it still looks like white goo to me. Possibly a sign she's not human but a white goo secreting [whatever secretes white goo in comicbookland].

Ana Mardoll said...

They are, but I couldn't resist. LOVE Escher Girls.

chris the cynic said...

And that is all the reason you should ever need.

depizan said...

Escher Girls is all kinds of awesome. And may serve as proof that there are aliens among us. There are times when I'm not quite sure how else to explain the peculiar...anatomy. (I'm nearly tempted to put the word in quotes!)

Mime_Paradox said...

I love that mini-comic about Starfire, not only because it's cute, but because it puts the lie to claims that being full of fail is what gets the readers/watchers.

To me, this is the best thing in the world this week: even if you don't get the references, the technical aspects of it have suddenly made me a fan of marching bands.


Silver Adept said...

As an alum of the Destined Rivals of the band linked in the video, my first instinct is to say "we did the video game medley first!", but truthfully, all of the marching bands that perform shows like this have quite a but of technical mastery to learn, memorize, and perform. If you can ever see some of the behind-the-scenes materials for things like Drum Corps International or other band things, I highly recommend watching.

Ami_Angelwings said...

Awww... thank you :)

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