Metapost: Tag Cleanup

This is Blog Maintenance Month, which means I need to make some behind the scenes changes. I'll be cleaning up the indexes, and adding index posts for Little House and Buffy. I'll also be making some changes in some older posts to reflect the tagging.

This will probably cause the recent posts widget to burn out and start recommending old stuff for your reading pleasure; I apologize in advance for technical gremlins of that sort.

Randomly, please note that the next two weeks are pre-published with things, only one of which is Narnia related (but it's a good one) and non of which are Twilight related, which means I'm falling down on the deconstruction job in many respects. I hope to rectify this soon with a new Twilight post, and if nothing else we'll have Breaking Dawn Part 2 to talk about soon, so there's that.


chris the cynic said...

Random thought, could you post a Twlight open thread for those of us addicts that need our fix?

Good luck with all.

Paul A. said...

If you're planning to update the Narnia index post, it's currently missing (apart from the obvious recent posts) chapter 7 of Prince Caspian - it goes straight from chapter 6 to chapter 8.

Ana Mardoll said...

Good idea. Can do, and done.

Ana Mardoll said...

Thank you! I didn't notice that.

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