Open Thread: Actual Cookies

Because so many of us like cookies, lol.

I don't really have "favorite" things, because my preferences change like the seasons but with less regularity, but I really like these: Orange Dreams. I don't bother making sandwiches out of them, though; I just eat them.

(Source: The Cookie Bible)


Brin Bellway said...

I don't actually have any cookie recipes handy. Will stuffed apple pie do?

(Disqus is acting up, I think. A couple times today Current Comments has shown comments before they appeared. I suspect I'm not really the first comment, despite appearances.)

EllieMurasaki said... --not a thing I have actually tried yet, I admit, but I will this week: chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls.

Loquat said...

One of my favorite family cookie recipes: Pfeffernuesse

2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
0.5 cup melted butter
2 eggs
0.5 tsp grated lemon rind
0.5 tsp oil of anise
1.5 tsp cinnamon
0.5 tsp ground clove
0.5 tsp baking soda
0.5 cup finely chopped citron
1.5 cup finely chopped almonds
powdered sugar for coating

Blend butter, sugar, and eggs.
Add lemon rind and anise.
Separately mix dry ingredients, then add them to the egg mixture.
Add citron and almonds.

Make small balls on greased cookie sheet. Bake 12-14 minutes at 350 F.
Roll or toss in powdered sugar while still warm.

chris the cynic said...

I think I'm going to have to wait until my mother is in cellphone range, because apparently I have no idea where the recipe is, but oatmeal chocolate no bake cookies (or some name like that) would be my favorites. I'll give a recipe as soon as I can locate it.

Isator Levi said...

This is going right into my brother's dreams, and from there to my insatiable sweet tooth.

Ana Mardoll said...

Disqus is acting up, yes. We're seeing it on Shakesville, too.

I think we should come up with Disqus haiku and tweet it at their Twitter account.

Dav said...

"Dear Disqus, fuck you" is five syllables.

Brin Bellway said...

Where is the comment?
Widget says "Look!", yet nothing
Only annoyance

chris the cynic said...

For a while all I could see was the hidden blogger interface, which has all of the comments there just fine.

Generally speaking, if you want to read an invisible comment, you can do so by diving into the page source.

Ana Mardoll said...

My brain loves ya'lls brains.

chris the cynic said...

Oh, also, apparently the reason that I can't find the recipe is that it's in my mother's head. She's said she'll write it down for me though.

Dav said...

Somewhere in space-time
words vanish down black holes
or else it's Disqus

Dav said...

No matter whether I'm logged in or not, Disqus always counts my "like"s as "guest".

graylor said...

Well, to confuse the issue, I made yogurt biscuits today, using 'normal' (ie, not Greek) vanilla yogurt. They were sort of a cross between a buttermilk biscuit (American biscuit) and a sweet scone. They were used in strawberry shortcake, if that tells you anything. The dough was very sticky and I made drop bisuits instead of properly rolled out ones because I had dough-hands.

I'm anticipating pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling on Friday.

If the no-bake cookies are the same as my mother's 'boiled cookies' (cocoa, butter, sugar, melted, stir in lots of oats and some peanut butter and quickly spread on wax paper) they vanish with strange speed around here.

EdinburghEye said...

I was inspired to a links-round up of things to eat that look like other things by almost-simultaneously stumbling across breakfast of rice and omelette that looks like a teddy-bear under a blanket, and an espresso cup made of actual biscotti. Everyhing else just kind of followed from there, including dedicating the post to an awesome cake-maker of 10 who is apparently getting inspired by the gingerbread houses I found....

FrenchRoast said...

I saw a neat thing once that kind of fits that whole eating things that look like other things motif. It was making "sushi" only using fruit roll ups as the seaweed, rice krispie treats rolled flat as the rice, and swedish fish/other gummy candies as the inner fish.

EdinburghEye said...

Candy sushi! I'm sure I found a video of that on youtube once. This may be the one you're thinking of...

EdinburghEye said...

Did I say a video? I found lots of Youtube videos of how to make candy sushi, including a kit you can buy where you mix packety stuff with water to make the candy "rice" and so on. And then I found a video about making candy sushi with bacon that included a random rape joke, wtf, and that and the candy sushi was making me feel ill, so.

jill heather said...

Reading this thread on a fasting day is really hard.

Especially as I have chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips right in the other room. Though I really want shortbread. Chocolate shortbread with toblerone. Yum.

Lonespark said...

Apple pie roses! Sooo awesome!

Lonespark said...

But actually, I came to this here open thread because I just saw Hotel Transylvania and I am really interested to discuss it with anyone who has seen it and has opinions about the way it deals with a marginalized/oppressed community interacting/choosing not to interact with the wider world.

jOKES_FB said...

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