Metapost: 90 Day Return Policy

This is a notice to let people know that comments on old threads will now be closed once the thread is 90 days old or older.

On the one hand, I always dislike that when I go to other sites because OMG I HAVE RELEVANCY TO ADD. On the other hand, it's rapidly becoming a minor pet peeve of mine when someone stumbles onto my blog, reads a year-old post, completely skips over the entirety of 100+ comments, and posts something that either asks plaintively HAVE YOU CONSIDERED SOMETHING REALLY OBVIOUS and/or takes me to task for personal fail that frankly the distance of time makes me feel uninterested in trying to explain, justify, or defend (and yes, I do make mistakes, but I like to think I get better moving forward).

Also, gonna be honest: spam-bots love the older posts. Don't know why.

So. Each new thread means everyone has 90 days to get their two cents in. Let me know if that becomes unmanageable for whatever reason and we can fiddle with the numbers.


Evan said...

Just a suggestion from someone who's generally a lurker: Maybe you could say that if someone does have something to add on threads where comments are closed, they can post on the most recent open thread? I'm not sure whether that'd make any difference to spammers, but folks with LEGITIMATE RELEVANCY might appreciate it.

Tigerpetals said...

Well I might sometimes not read the comments because I won't be able to reply to them, but I'm not likely to reply to them even if comments are open, so I guess its a good general rule.

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