Writings: Love Spell

[Content Note: Love Spells and all the Rape/Consent Issues Therein, Fantasy Violence and Necromancy]

Utterly random, totally rough, intentionally a little campy in style to offset the Fridge Horror a bit.

Inspired by my utter loathing of "love spells" ranging from everywhere to Aladdin to the Captain N: The Game Master episode that I saw lampooned today. (Content Note: Not a safe space commentary; includes gender policing and homophobia in many of the annotated comments.)

Posted here purely and simply because I felt like it. Probably nothing will come of this because OH MY GOD, BRAIN, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING ON THE YA NOVEL, MMKAY? If the story did continue, it would follow the unnamed protagonist as she works to heal her sister whilst butting up against infuriating Rape Culture because Belfast isn't doing too bad a job running the kingdom alongside Lara and the kingdom is happy and at peace, so what's the problem really?

The nightmare is always the same, night after night.

We had defeated the evil wizard, brought peace back to the land, and saved the kingdom from total darkness. There were four of us. My sister, princess and heir apparent of Etheria, wielding a mean set of serrated-edged knives along with a grudge the size of the country she swore to protect and as long-lasting as the love she bore for our father who had died only a few weeks before at the hands of the Dread Lord Kalvan. Simeon, the quiet priest who had set aside his vows of pacifism the day he decided that his contribution to the cause couldn’t stop at healing, and he took up a studded mace in a moment when all our lives hung in the balance. Myself, of course, a spell-singer of very small renown, contributing to the battle what little magics I have at my command, as well as a few nasty potions brewed up in haste on the road.

And Belfast, a towering giant of a man, whose broad sword was as long as my arm and as thick as my head. Belfast, the strong. Belfast, the brave. Belfast, the surprisingly ambitious.

In my dream, I see the aftermath of the battle. Simeon is on his knees, weaving curative spells between his pleas to the gods to heal the deep burn I’d taken in my left hip during the battle. I was used to taking heavy hits and knew well how to sit very still to minimize the usual blood loss, dizziness, and imminent danger of death; being targeted for aggressive action was just one of the perks of being a spell-singer. My sister, Lara, is bending over the crumpled form of the Dread Lord Kalvan, doing something with her knives and a handful of flame-sticks that I didn’t quite want to watch, but which I knew to be a necessity — the body had to be thoroughly dismembered and ashed if we were to be truly safe. There were too many aspiring necromancers combing the countryside to take foolish chances.

That Belfast is busily digging through the loot does not overly concern me, though I know in the back of my mind that it should. But Belfast always handled the little practicalities like that after battle, while Simeon was busy healing and I was busy resting and Lara was busy burying the dead. Belfast sorted and peered and divided and by the time I was hale and hearty again, we would be ready to gather up our piles and move on. And even though we had nowhere to move on to this time, I didn’t expect it to be any different.

We knew that Dread Lord Kalvan had the wishing scroll; he’d stolen it from deep within our own royal treasury, after all. He should have used it to kill us, but he was too brave or too foolhardy or maybe he just couldn’t bear to waste it. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to use legendary magics to kill off a single group of adventurers when another group is just going to take their place afterward. Or possibly he had deeper plans that required the wishing scroll, plans that couldn’t be set in motion until we’d been dealt with. He didn’t tell us, and we didn’t bother to ask.

I’m the only one watching, through a haze of rapidly dissipating pain, when Belfast digs the ornamental box out from an ornate chest in the corner of the wizard’s workroom. I see him open the case with infinite care, I watch him gently open the scroll with his rough warrior’s hands. I should have screamed, I should have warned her, though I don’t know how it would have done any good, not with her being on the other side of the room, and the contents of the scroll were short, so short. Only a dozen small words to change the course of our lives, the fate of our nation. I watched, dumbfounded and confused, as Belfast spoke the incantation that would permanently grant the next wish he spoke.

“I wish for Princess Lara to fall completely in love with me.”

A chill wind blows through the room. The ancient parchment crumbles to dust in his hands. My sister turns from her gruesome task to lock eyes with our warrior companion. I see her eyes open wide with shock and then horrifyingly soften into a lovelorn gaze. The edges of her mouth quirk up into a shy smile that looks utterly out of place on her usually confident face. Belfast beams at her with a triumph that causes my stomach to tighten and lurch.

I awake, as I do every morning, in a thick cold sweat. The nightmare is always the same, because the nightmare is a memory that I can’t erase.


Loquat said...

a) Is this necessarily a permanent love? People certainly fall "completely" in love in real life and then fall out of love for various reasons. Could be a loophole, if Belfast can in fact behave badly enough to lose Lara's love.

b) Could Lara get over her magically-induced love for Belfast if he were killed? Or, less drastically, removed from her presence for years on end?

BaseDeltaZero said...

Huh... Aladdin. Do you mean the original, or the Disney cartoon? Because in the Disney cartoon, making people fall in love was something the Genie couldn't (or wouldn't) do - but I'm pretty sure I remember that in the original, the Djinni did...

In one of the (too many) stories I'm writing, I have a character who eventually gains the power to make people fall in love with him. It is... deliberately very creepy.

While it has nothing to do with the theme, this for some reason makes me want to get to writing that mess of an Ar Tonelico fanfic I was planning (most likely the whole snark regarding spell-singer business (other benefits of being a 'spell-singer' include a 20-year lifespan (40 with expensive medicine!), being considered a rather recalcitratant tool, and your psyche being public property. Yay!)). It's probably a bad idea, but I'm an expert at bad ideas.

Ana Mardoll said...

Yeah, he can't in the movie, but Jafar TRIES. Ick.

Nathaniel said...

At least in that movie, its to show what a oil slick of a human being he is.

I know this is only tangentially related to the post, but I've had this rant brewing for awhile, so please indulge me.

CW: The words date, rape. Sometimes in the same sentence.

In Harry Potter, there are love potions. Potions sold in open market places. They make the affected deeply and helplessly infatuated with the directed person.

But of course, we Muggles have something similar. We tend to call them Ruffies. In other words, date rape drugs. Sold in the open market in the wizarding world.

And while JK Rowling takes a stab at exploring the implications of such a potion being readily available, she backs away and tries to soften it away at the same time. The only time we see someone seriously using it in the story, the woman in question is made to be as pitiful and victimized as possible. She was just so desperate, the poor dear.

And another time when Ron ends up snaring a date rape loaded sweet meant for Harry, its played off as high school drama embarrassing, rather than dangerous and violating. And this attitude holds to the point that Ron's mother can even say in an offhand comment about a time she used a love potion on someone, as though its just a silly little lark.

And let it be noted that its always women who are shown to be using and interested in using these love potions. It doesn't need to be explained why men are coded as the sexual predator class in our society. So obviously it can't be dangerous if its just women using these potions. Cause women have never be known to sexually victimize people, amirite?

All in all, Rowling's wizarding world has serious problems with personal autonomy and sovereignty.

Ana Mardoll said...

Yes. This. Thank you.

Silver Adept said...

@Nathaniel - Yes, yes it does. The presumption there its that magic can undo what gets done to someone, I think. But even so, the fact that the unforgivable curses still exist and are apparently in wide enough distribution to be used offhandedly...yeah. Autonomy and sovereignty issues abound.

As for this story, well one can note that complete love does not necessarily mean a happy marriage, or marriage at all, for that matter. Plenty of people can be completely in love with each other and utterly unsuited to do things like rule the country together or even share a dwelling together. Plus, things Of Wishing often have a Monkey Paw effect...

Isabel C. said...

So now I'm thinking.* The question about wishing-stuff is always how much it screws with the rest of the world: if you wish for a bag of gold, does that bag of gold disappear from Fort Knox? (Although according to that one guy on the West Wing, we no longer have gold in there, and are instead on the Dead Alien Standard.) Does it just appear in the world, and not go missing from anywhere? Or does a bag of bricks become a bag of gold?

With that in mind, I'm almost tempted to do some kind of *re*construction and see if I can't find a feminism-and-autonomy-friendly take on love spells. It'd have to be something that doesn't affect the other person directly, so love potions and so forth are out. Maybe a fate-twisting effect so that the object of your affections got to see you being smart or kind or hot? ("Oh, hey, your paintball benefit for orphaned puppies is at the park where I garden! Wow, that's a lot of paint on your shirt. Maybe you'd better take it off...") Or an aetherial life coach who will help you shape up and become more charming? Or, hazardously, a complete polymorph into the type of person your crush likes? I mean, if you know the risk...

And what about the question of chemistry? Is it ethical to alter your pheremones as long as you're not screwing with anyone's mind? I mean, they're *your* pheremones, and being really really hot still leaves someone with a choice.

*A dangerous pastime, I know...

BaseDeltaZero said...

@Nathaniel - Yes, yes it does. The presumption there its that magic can undo what gets done to someone, I think. But even so, the fact that the unforgivable curses still exist and are apparently in wide enough distribution to be used offhandedly...yeah. Autonomy and sovereignty issues abound.

The unforgivable curses are also considered well... unforgivable. JK Rowling kinda forgets that in Book 7, but, uh...

Ana Mardoll said...

And what about the question of chemistry? Is it ethical to alter your pheremones as long as you're not screwing with anyone's mind? I mean, they're *your* pheremones, and being really really hot still leaves someone with a choice.

TW: Body Modification and Phobias of Such, Trans* Phobia

There are people who think that body modification is "wrong" because it fools people. I have even seen people claim that post-operative trans* persons (is there another way I should say that? I am always worried my terminology is wrong) are unethical if they don't volunteer their life story on the first date. (Because that's SUCH a safe thing to do with a stranger.)

A lot of modern "love spells" go the pheromone altering route, under the reasons that you list: *your* pheromones, their choice, could probably have been "naturally" achieved through alternate methods, where's the harm, etc. I don't see that as overriding choice, because -- at least in my personal experience -- I've never encountered anyone with pheromones so strong that it overwhelmed MY choices, so I'm skeptical that such a thing would be even possible.

If it were possible to override consent with pheromones -- like in the X-Files episode we saw the other night -- then naturally it would be complicated and problematic.

Also, thank you to everyone here for reminding me that THIS is a safe space for me. :)

Silver Adept said...

@BaseDeltaZero - Yes, that gets forgotten, but it would not be out of character for the Ministry Of Magic to do something like Obliviation on anyone who discovered an Unforgivable or who witnessed its usage. (Kind of like mentioning The Patriots in the Metal Gear Solid games - if you're not cleared for that codeword, you hear a series of tuneless whistles. This is enforced by Worldwide Nanotech. The Wizarding World could easily come up with an appropriate analogue.) I wonder why they haven't, especially under the Death Eater ministry.

@Isabel C. and Ana - I thought the point of the love spell trope was to override consent, at least temporarily, which is why it's such a popular thing. Trying to make it into an autonomy-friendly thing would make it less attractive to those that want to use them. (This is not a bad thing - after all, we highly discourage the use of chemicals that override consent and attach a significant amount of social shame and legal penalties to people that do.) I do like the suggestions, though - a method that basically sets you up in the best possible light for your intended target works well. I also wonder what sort of stories could be worked out with the polymorph that ends up, say, changing your gender, or your species, or is the origin myth for a hybrid race...

I tried to figure out how to work in "roughly the size of a barge", but there were no opportunities. Nuts.

Ana Mardoll said...

I thought the point of the love spell trope was to override consent, at least temporarily, which is why it's such a popular thing.

In real life or in fiction?

In real life, a lot of people (not as many as I would HOPE but that's another post for another time) recognize that overriding consent is bad and they adjust their Wicca/Paganism spells accordingly. I wouldn't be surprised to see that in a role-playing game, too.

In fiction, love spells frequently do override consent and authors frequently fail to see that this is REALLY FREAKING TERRIBLE. (Possibly because some authors override a character's "consent" all the time? Some meta-ness going on here??)


In the OP, I would want to explore the utter horribleness of overriding consent with a love spell, REGARDLESS of the love-spell user's "traditional" suitability for a mate. Ironically, someone showed up on the AMP forum cross post to basically argue that very point -- that if the user wasn't 'unsuitable' for a mate, and the princess might have fallen in love with him anyway, where was the harm?

Rikalous said...

Being willing to override her consent and autonomy strikes me as the sort of thing that proves the user's unsuitability as a mate.

Silver Adept said...

Ack. That probably came across as apologia, which it was not supposed to be. (Intent =/= fucking magic, though.) I'm sorry.

More clearly, hopefully, the idea of the love potion overriding consent shifts the story from a romance fantasy to a power fantasy, with all the problems therein, and it is the power fantasy that attracts readers to love potion stories. Changing the story to make it more consent-friendly might take away the power fantasy and drive away the "intended" audience. Mea culpa. (That might also be the meta bit going on as to the disparity between real life and fiction - in reality, we affect real people and recognize that overriding consent carries significant negative consequences. In fiction, we don't have to care as much because of the "unreality" of the characters, authorial views on fanworks be consigned to /dev/null.)

I think that the story that the OP is beginning would be great to read, especially as it traverses all the problematic bits, the fallout, and the general horribleness of it all. I'd certainly enjoy recommending it to people who like their love portion tropes to be played straight.

Ana Mardoll said...

Oh, no, it didn't sound like apologia! I was just confused what the question was. I see what you mean, now. :)

I do think that there's an erotica niche for people who are intrigued by the love potion concepts, and that probably comes from the same place as "I'm not allowed to want sex because Good Girl, but WHOOOPS I took a love potion" that a lot of consent-issues-erotica comes from. As with most erotica, I tend to think that people can't help their fantasies and if a piece of literature helps them to be happy and fulfilled, then yay.

I'm more frustrated with people who see love potions/spells in "regular" works and don't recognize the HORRIBLE IMPLICATIONS. At least Jafar was a villain, but the love potion gimmick used to be used in a lot of episodic shows as a "monster of the week" kind of thing. Hell, there's a love potion in the first Dresden book, although Harry doesn't intend to USE it. Just leave it lying around for some convenient Plot Hijinks! ZANY!

(This is not intended as criticism of Dresden. Butcher fans do not need to kill me with sheep. I'm just pointing out that love potions are common in a lot of magic literature without being considered PURE EVIL DISTILLED IN A BOTTLE or whatever.)

chris the cynic said...

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to post this for, I guess, a day.

With that in mind, I'm almost tempted to do some kind of *re*construction and see if I can't find a feminism-and-autonomy-friendly take on love spells. [...] Maybe a fate-twisting effect so that the object of your affections got to see you being smart or kind or hot?

Something that I did in the 90k story from high school, which wasn't a love spell but did result in instant love between two characters was soul seeing/comprehending. Character A saw character B's soul and fell in love instantly, then thought, "Well, it's not fair for me to see you if you don't see me, take a look," which resulted in Character B falling in love.

The second part of that could function like a love spell, show the other person exactly what kind of person you are, if there's anything about you to make them love you, they'd love you. But what they do with that is up to them, maybe they say, "I love a lot of people, and most of them were willing to take the time for use to get to know each other normally rather than use shortcuts." Maybe they say, "Yeah, I'm already seeing someone. Love you too, but I'm not ending a good relationship for it." Maybe there's exactly zero lust involved and they just want to be friends. A lot of possibilities beyond, "You spell has worked, now I must date/marry/have-sex-with you."

Of course maybe on getting perfect idea of who you are as a person the other person doesn't love you at all. Maybe they hate you and will devote their rest of their life to destroying you. Perhaps your soul is tarnished by your despicable character. Perhaps they are entirely neutral toward you.

And then on the lust side you could do something like your intended lover's ideal body, but that has the potential to leave you in a state of, "Wait? Ze likes this gender? And why do I have a prehensile tail?" Risky thing to do to one's self.

Ana Mardoll said...

I think that's a lot of really interesting concepts, so I'm glad you posted it.

TW: Fantastical Forced Mating

Did you ever read ElfQuest? "Recognition" is kind of like that -- you see someone as they REALLY ARE, deep down inside, and that eases the trauma of the biological mating urge that the elves have, to the point where (I think) recognition is generally seen as a positive thing by all the elves. But -- as you say -- the existence of the new love doesn't sever old ties; some recognized couples form three- or four-somes; others have a child together but don't maintain a sexual relationship after the recognition passes.

I like the idea of some people not liking what they see in the other's soul, though. That would be an interesting twist.

Aidan Bird said...

Post-operative is a term that is still used, yes. Not all trans* people transition, but of those that do, a lot of them use that phrase when discussing transition related topics. So you're fine. (Just wanted you to know since I noticed you asked.)

Aidan Bird said...

This story is absolutely amazing.

I don't have much to add to the conversation here, since love potions scare the bejabbers out of me. Love potions was actually one of the main reason I eventually stopped reading Harry Potter and skimmed the last book to find out if I guessed the ending right.

Silver Adept said...

@Ana -

I do think that there's an erotica niche for people who are intrigued by the love potion concepts, and that probably comes from the same place as "I'm not allowed to want sex because Good Girl, but WHOOOPS I took a love potion" that a lot of consent-issues-erotica comes from..

I agree. I'd probably class them as the obverse of the power fantasy coin, where you get to transgress all sorts of traps because you don't have any control over yourself. Now that I put it that way, it makes me suspect a lot of people are kinkier than they think.

And a story that did those kinds of things, and understood what kind of evil in a bottle it was if misused, would be awesome.

As with most erotica, I tend to think that people can't help their fantasies and if a piece of literature helps them to be happy and fulfilled, then yay.

Agreed. More people need to find things that help them feel happy and fulfilled. (We can always hope they'll also find partners that will help with that, too.)

@chris the cynic - We continue to be amazed at the output of your mind. Must of those stories would be great and wouldn't have to work out Monkey's Paw issues, just regular relationship ones.

Ana Mardoll said...

Thank you. It's something I worry about because I don't want to create the impression that all trans* people can and do transition. Or should. Or any words like that.

Thomas Keyton said...

With that in mind, I'm almost tempted to do some kind of *re*construction and see if I can't find a feminism-and-autonomy-friendly take on love spells.

There's a bit in Sandman where a witch explains that love spells (or at least, her love spells) work on the person requesting them and give them the courage to make the first move.

CW: ambiguous possible magical coercion

It becomes a moot point when the woman in question talks to Desire and then knows exactly what to do to get the man she wants to fall in love with her, but still...

Aidan Bird said...

No worries. It's a hard road to traverse when it comes to parsing language for that.

Content Note: Discussion of trans* terminology

In hopes of helping you: Trans with an asterisk is usually used to include all trans* people, especially those that do not wish or do not transition. When using the term "post operative," I've seen a lot of people drop the asterisk to signify people who do transition only, but there is others that keep it in as well, so this is still being discussed in the community. People have also started avoiding the use of "pre-operative" I've also noticed, mostly because it has negative connotations that in order to be "legitimate" one has to have genital surgery. There is still a lot of discussion on this and how to do it respectfully and to keep the terminology inclusive. Another route people take is go the specific route when discussing transition, but for your generalized post, including the non-binary genders that do transition is the hardest part, and there's still no specific consensus on how to do that yet. Which is why trans* was devised.

It's only recently in the past few years that we've really been able to have our own voice heard by others, especially in academia and in society in general, so that serious and positive discussion could be had, so terminology may take awhile to settle fully. So I can understand your worries. I'm in the community, and sometimes even I have trouble staying on tabs with terminology.

Personally, I wish people hadn't chosen "trans*" mostly because it's hard to say in person, and makes it ridiculously hard to have conversations in real life. As a non-binary person, I don't like the idea of the computer science "wildcard" concept being used to refer to people like me, for various reasons. I also don't think a term should be relegated to use only in writing spaces since a lot of the conversation I have to help people become more accepting actually happens in real life and not the Internet. I've noticed that explaining why I'm saying "asterisk" or why people have seen it used, wastes time when speaking in person, for it always ends in a silly debate about language and shuts down conversation about treating trans* people as actual people. The term only seems to be functional in written form from my experience, and this makes me sad. It's very rare to have lasting conversations that change people's thinking on the Internet, and if it does happen, it's in places like this that were usually already safe to begin with, and while this is good, I want to be able to reach out to those around me that aren't in those communities already and are receptive to the discussion. This term makes it very hard to do that. I also have no idea to see a way around this either, for terms that are inclusive are necessary but always hard to determine and define.

Language definitely isn't perfect, though I do wonder if the terminology will morph again as this debate on terminology continues. So that's the history and state of it currently as I know it. Not sure if it helps you or if you find it interesting at all. But there you are. :)

Ana Mardoll said...

Aidan, I just realized I didn't respond to this, though I really thought that I had.

Thank you. This was very helpful; I appreciate it. I worry A LOT about my terminology, mostly because I don't want to cause harm, but also because I get really down on myself when I get it wrong. (Perfectionism, how I hate thee.) So thank you very much.

Terms are ... really hard. Especially in reclamation areas. For example, I never know whether to "content note: misogynistic terms" when, say, linking to a feminist site with "bitch" in the name. I have to imagine it's that much harder in a community where external forces are still intent on denying you even exist. :(

Beroli said...

And in Bujold's The Spirit Ring, the main character casts a true love spell, thinking it will compel the man she wants to fall in love with her. She's upset when it doesn't work and her father tells her, "That would hardly be true love, would it? A true love spells is a spell that identifies your true love when you meet him, not one that creates false love where none exists."

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