Self-Promotion: Audio Book Version of Pulchritude

There is now an Audible version of Pulchritude available through Audible. It's supposedly also available through iTunes, but I can't find it there. If you're not an Audible fan, you can get snag a complimentary Creative Commons MP3 version here.

(Also, the Pulchritude page on Acacia Moon Publishing now looks nicer. Thought I'd mention that.)

This audio book version cost $500 to create and I start with 25% of the Audible price (which varies based on whether people are members or not, I believe), to be increased up to a theoretical 75% as sales go up over time. But basically I have to sell 100+ copies to earn back the investment on this baby. Since I've sold all of 30 eBook copies of Pulchritude, we'll see. Possibly my next book won't have an audio book version, but I wanted to try this experiment.


Ice said...

I found it on itunes. The sample sounds beautiful!


Ana Mardoll said...

That's the eBook, unless iTunes is selling the audio book for 2.99. And I wouldn't think it is; the Amazon price is $17, and the Audible price is either $9 or $14 or $20 depending on which version of membership you do or do not hve.

(I don't have control over these prices, alas. Audio books as a self-published commodity are still very different from eBooks, I've learned.)

Ice said...

Hmmm. I may have grabbed the wrong link. I did find the $17.95 audio version, because it let me listen to just over a minute as a sample. Your narrator has a voice that I could wrap myself in like a blanket. Just wonderful!

Ice said...

Ok I'm not sure what happened, I swear I found the audiobook, but now it seems to have disappeared, which is unfortunate because I was hoping to get it once the funding became available. But now when I do the same search I did earlier, it brings up only the book-book, instead of the audiobook.

Ana Mardoll said...

Possibly iTunes is having technical quirks. It only went up this week, so.

Re: Narrator, I know, right? I want her to, like, READ THE PHONEBOOK TO ME. Her voice is like music. I was really excited to see that Audible cross-linked her properly; if you click her name on the Audible listing, it shows what else she's done.

I just wish I could write faster and get more books out.

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