Author Interview: Doyle MacBrayne on "Eve ver. 2.0"

Ana: Today we have Doyle MacBrayne introducing their book, Eve ver. 2.0. I haven't read this book myself, but Doyle was kind enough to agree to guest blog about their book to any readers who might be interested in the subject. Doyle, how would you describe your book to your prospective readers? In broad terms, what is your book about?

Doyle: Sara Waters a grad student at Purdue who created a new algorithm that encrypts data faster and better than ever before. However, her impetuousness combined with her brains and ego also created the perfect program for hacking in, undetected to any system. When the FBI showed up at her office investigating the disappearance of a professor, she found herself under scrutiny. Sara destroys her program afraid that if found the FBI will use it indiscriminately. She doesn’t want anyone to have control over information or privacy. Thomas has other plans, he’s sure he can convince Sara to gather information on the crime families he’s been investigating once she realizes that they are trafficking humans. Sparks fly between them as they try to figure out how to get what they want and get what they need without spoiling what could be something good between them.

Ana: What themes does your book explore and what do you hope the reader will take away from the experience? Is there a particular feeling or experience that you hope to evoke in the reader? Essentially, do you hope your book will mean to a reader?

Doyle: This is supposed to be a fun, diverting read. My hope is that while waiting for dance class to be over, or baseball practice to end, you have a few moments to spend with this amazing woman, Sara Waters. I love her, she's impetuous, brilliant, funny, sarcastic. I want you to laugh out loud, and hope that she finds true love, while not getting killed.

Ana: What prompted you to write this book and did you have a specific inspiration in mind? Were you influenced by a certain author or work that inspired you to add your voice to this genre? Besides the boatloads of money and rockstar fame, what motivated you to write this book? 

Doyle: The motivation - Sara Waters' character is based on my wonderful middle child, who is amazing, impetuous, and very sarcastic. I also was motivated by a horrible news item from Russia; grandparents were selling their seven year old grandson for parts. Literally. Fortunately they were caught, but it definitely affected me. After researching it further, I found that there really is something called medical tourism, where people wanting kidneys, etc. can travel to different countries and get them.

Ana: If you could compare your book to any other existing works, which ones would it be and why? If the one thing you could say to a prospective reader was, "If you like X, you'll love my book!", which work would be invoked so that a reader could judge whether or not your book is their cup of tea?

Doyle: I would say if someone likes Janet Evanovich, this is a similar style. It's just a fun read. Good plot, great dialogue, romance and mystery.

Ana: Is this your first or only published work, or have you published other books? If you have published other books, how do they compare to this one? Do you have any more books planned, either as a follow-up to this one, or as a completely different book or genre?

Doyle: This is my very first book, and the only one I have planned with this character. This upset my daughter Sara very much, because I have promised her a VW Bug if we sell enough copies. :) I am currently working on another novel, Death by Zombie, the main character is based on my oldest daughter Rachel. My new story takes place in a deserted ghost town in Like, NV. Except, it's not deserted, there is a hospital for the ill and criminally insane supernatural beings.

Ana: Where can readers obtain a copy of your book for them to enjoy? How can they contact you with any thoughts or questions? And do you have a means by which they can "sign up" to be notified when your next book comes available?

Doyle: Eve ver. 2.0 is only 99 cents and is available at Amazon. It is also available as an audiobook at Audible.

Ana: Thank you. I understand you have the first chapter of your book available as an excerpt for interested readers? Is there anything else you wish to add for our readers?

Doyle: They can download an excerpt through Amazon.

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