Interview Policy

NOTE: I am no longer offering blog interviews at this time. I have had to discontinue this service for reasons of time management. I am leaving this page up as it may prove useful to others hosting similar interviews and looking for sample questions, but any responses to the below form will automatically go in my inbox trash.

by Surachai
I am committed to providing a platform for independent authors to discuss their books. To that end, I've crafted a standard "interview template" that authors can fill out and submit to be added to the weekly Wednesday interview schedule.

These interviews benefit me because I enjoy publishing them and I have weekly content to post. The interviews benefit the authors because it gives them online exposure. Authors are eligible to participate subject to the conditions set below. Note that these interviews are free and will be published in the order received.

You may want to glance over previous Author Interviews to gain familiarity with the format.
If you are interested in being interviewed for the blog, here are my interview policy rules:
  1. Availability. Your book must be available in e-book format at one-or-more of the following stores: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, SonySmashwords.
  2. Price. The e-book version of your book must be priced at-or-below $2.99 USD. No exceptions.
  3. Contact Information. You must include one-or-more of the following contact information in your interview: email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other method for readers to contact you.
  4. Chapter Preview. You must include a link to a book sample. Online store previews are acceptable. 
  5. Comment Policy. You must observe the comment policy rules for this site. 
  6. Content Warning. You must notify me of any content in your book that may be triggering
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