Self-Promotion: Print-On-Demand Version

Greetings and salutations! For the half a dozen of you who wanted a print version of Pulchritude, this is now a thing that exists! (And I am inordinately flattered!)

The bad news upfront: it's not as cheap as I'd like it to be, and I can't afford to give away free copies because CreateSpace does charge me for my own copies. So I'm sorry about that. And I encourage you to read for free before you buy! You can download the ePUB/mobi version or read online on GoodReads!

The print-on-demand price is $7.99. It's a 6x9 trade paperback, so taller and thinner than the mass market paperbacks you may or may not be more used to. For those who are curious, the royalty rate susses out differently depending on vendor:

What that means is that the base price just to print the book is $6.69. The royalties on CreateSpace sales are $2.38 and the royalties on Amazon are $0.78 because the Amazon Cookie Monster likes a higher quality macadamia nut than your work-a-day sugar-cookie-scarfing CreateSpace Cookie Monster. (In comparison, I make about twice that 78 cents on Amazon Kindle sales for my $2.99 eBook.)

The links to the book are here:


J. D. Montague said... ignorance is about to show...

I had *no* idea CreateSpace had its own website much less a store. 0__o

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