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Well...Frozen 2 was a movie? [Spoilers] I'll say that I went into it wanting an explicitly ace and/or sapphic plot-line, was hyped for Elsa singing about the temptation of a siren, and had my hopes dashed in that regard. So if you're going for Give Elsa A Girlfriend / Make Elsa Ace, they...don't.

You could maybe read her as flirting with a girl in one scene, ish, but they don't do anything with it. And a "YOU'RE what you're looking for" plotline is nice in the context of 1,800 hetero-marriage Disney movies, but so many of us wanted Elsa to be queer. "Look, we made her independent and single!" would be fine for a new Disney movie, but when the vast majority of the queer community has claimed your character for their own, it's a bit of a slap in the ol' giblets.

You can definitely see how they were trying to address the cultural appropriation called out in Frozen 1, but I wonder at a deconstruction of colonialism in which the white people benefit the most and lose nothing. I would have preferred that white audiences grapple with the idea of losing some of our colonialist gains and life going on regardless despite a lessening of our generational wealth and power. But that's just my two cents; I'd rather boost POC voices on that topic. Not my own.

Oh! I will add that Elsa and Anna are now both queens with an indigenous parent, which feels significant given *waves at Disney Princess collection* but again this is NOT my lane to commentate on, being white myself.

What IS my lane is how super disappointed I am that Elsa wasn't made explicitly queer. And the fact that her "I want" song FELT like it was going in that direction was a kick in the chest when they refused to follow through. Anyway, it was a movie. The six dollars I paid for a ticket weren't wasted. Go see Terminator if you still can. I do expect her I Want song to be taken by all the sapphics. "I'm missing somebody, which makes no sense because everyone I love is here, shut up siren, I don't need you" like lol Disney this is ours now, fucking deal with it.

A moment that stuck with me from Frozen 2 is Elsa being embarrassed at the reminder of her sultry-walk, chest-wiggle in LET IT GO. And how that would've been funny were it not for the context of Disney's regret that all us Gays identified with that song. Like, it's clearly meant to be a moment of growing older and being a little embarrassed at your younger self, but the context of all their queer baiting and hostility is present and I'm still a little miffed. So I propose we all super-steal her I Want song in F2 ("Into The Unknown") and do the gayest shit we can think of while singing it.

This is good context:

@FemmedelaMer. I haven't seen the film, but my indigenous friend did because it was made with help from the Sami Parliament of Norway. Apparently the dam conflict is an explicit reference to this.


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