October Newsletter (2021)

I really don't understand how it's October? I still have "write September newsletter" on my to-do list! (I guess I can check that off?) I have an announcement of an upcoming announcement and it's this: A BOOK IS COMING OUT. BY ME. YES.

The first volume of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale retellings is almost complete! I have a publishing date set (January 4th, 2022!). I have a cover reveal planned with the good folks at LGBTQ Reads! I will have pre-order links up soon! $15 patrons will receive a download of the ebook, and $25 patrons will receive signed paperback copies! There will also be purchasable things on my Etsy store! It's going to be very busy and wild and fun! I have run through my allotment of exclamation marks!

Thank you all for sticking with me through this creation process. It's been amazing and such fun and I love you. Thank you.

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