June Newsletter (2021)

This newsletter is late but it's for a good reason: the writing bug has bitten me. I have written 8 stories in 5 days and I'm just so excited and happy and I can't wait to share them all with you. I've also been doing some book-planning to work out how I'm going to publish all this: the best guess right now is two volumes of ~65 stories each for about 130k words apiece. To shorten the book finalization process at the end, I've gone ahead and sent the first 10 stories to my editor so she can start working. I'm very excited!

In other amazing good news, Kissmate is now fully registered to return to university in the fall, which is very exciting and part of our 4-year plan to get out of Texas. I'm so proud of him! AND his legal name change is official (we're just waiting on the documents so we can change his driver's license). AND I finally summoned the courage to tell my parents about his transition and they're a little confused but they've agreed to call him "he/him" and I'm so very very very relieved about that. That's been a sword of Damocles hanging over us for over a year now. Phew!

Lesser good news: the change of the weather, and the massive amount of rain Texas has been getting, has brought the pain gremlins out. My neck has been in agony all week and I've been fighting some kind of head-cold; I assume there's an allergen in the air after all this rain. Kissmate has been having some knee troubles and we've just found out that his pre-pandemic job basically ruined his kneecaps and he may need a full knee replacement. So that's was a bit of a downer. He has a thread about that here.

I'm so glad again that you're all here with us. Bless you and thank you.

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