December Newsletter (2020)

December's newsletter is late for two reasons. One, I've been low-key sick with a stomach-bug so it's been hard to sit down and really write a coherent monthly update. Which, speaking of, I am very excited to be looking back at the November newsletter which was "oh god oh god the election oh god" and to realize that while the past 30 days haven't always been easy, they could've been so much worse. Thank goodness.

The second reason this newsletter is late: I've been thinking about taking December off to rest because 2020 has kicked my ass a little (whomst among us hasn't??) but I have been dragging my feet a little over whether that's safe and fair to everyone here because I know December is a shitty month for queer folk in general, what will all the family and gatherings and so forth. I want to post something(s) that you can go to for some entertainment and comfort, and have been trying to figure out how to do that while still taking a little break.

Fortunately, there are some snips and snails in my drafts folder and some old movie watches that never made it up on the patreon and I think I can solve two birds with one post here: I can clean out the drafts folder, make sure we have some posts for December, take a break to clear my head, and start 2021 with a fresh outlook and fewer text files cluttering up my Works In Progress folder.

I love you all and I hope to see you next year!

Patreon News
All Patrons: I went ahead and posted my and Kissmate's watch of The Happiest Season because I didn't want anyone to be accidentally harmed by watching it without trigger warnings. There is also an illustration up for my Grimms' fairy tale retellings project! And there will be some snips going up to clean out my drafts folder and start 2021 fresh and new.

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Please stay safe out there.


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