May Newsletter (2020)

Hey guys! Kissmate here, reporting from the Mardoll household. Let me tell you, it has been a wild month! April and May so far have been huge, so let's not waste words or mince time!

Just last week, we got in front of a Justice of the Peace via Zoom and pronounced our love and devotion to each other in holy matrimony. WE'RE MARRIED! Silicone rings to adorn our fingers and homemade wedding cake to ring in the sweet days to come! Of course, we're going to have a bigger and better handfasting when we're out of this pandemic, but for now it's legal and official! Now if we can get the insurance to see that. *eye roll*

My Top Surgery has been healing as fast as it can, but it doesn't feel fast enough. I can do more things on my own, but still not back to 100%. Hopefully it'll be all better in time for Ana's surgery come next month! We'll let you know more on that as it comes along. For now, it's scheduled to be at the end of June and we're already buying out the freezer sections. My cooking spoons and skills are not the greatest, so it looks like a ton of frozen meals are on the menu around that time. At least I know how not to burn them!

Anywho, coming back to more creative works, there have been a few problems. Amazon has slowed down shipping the paper books to send out to those who donated $25+ to the Top Surgeries. That means it's slowed us down getting the books out to those people, unfortunately. But we're getting them out as fast as we get them in, so all we ask for is a little patience! For those who want their own signed copy of No Man Of Woman Born, donate ~here~ for GoFundMe and ~here~ for PayPal! We'd both appreciate a little love headed our way, so please don't hesitate to offer support in any way!

There's also been a hit in the creativity side of it all concerning all the covid news lately. There's a TON of covid cases in our area, as well as a ton of deaths. Not to mention my job is already asking some people to come back to work in July, and that might mean me. We're staying as safe as we can, but it is scary. And scary means that not a lot of creative writing is flowing as freely as we'd like. Again, we just ask some patience while we hammer those keys and gather our muses into a working order. Who knows, maybe you just might see some of my work flowing here! I'll leave it up to you guys whether that's a bonus or not. :P

That's about all we have for now, so I wish you all safety when you head out there. And I do mean besides covid. Be well, do well, and live well!

~Kissmate of Mardoll

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(From Ana) I love you all and I hope you're all keeping safe. This month is kicking my ass in both good ways and bad, but I'm grateful to be alive and part of your lives. Stay safe out there.


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