September Newsletter (2019)

September is here!

August has come and gone with some high highs and low lows. I celebrated my birthday (now called Liberation Day in honor of my ex-husband leaving me on the same day last year) with a lot more relief and serenity than I would have thought possible--I am amazed at how far I've come, and how right you all were about the pain becoming easier to live with. Thank you. On the other hand, some really bad things have occurred at my day job. I can't talk about that directly right now, but it means I am more dependent than ever on my patreon income and I am grateful to you all for sticking with me.

September Stuff:

- The last few live-tweets of movies are going up on Patreon this month and I hope to be able to continue them soon; I got a little burned out for a while because so many of them relied upon "surprise" sexual assault or Nazis or something else triggery that often wasn't adequately warned for in advance of the narrative.

- Several D&D fanfics are going up on Patreon this month, some of them fluffy(ish) and some of them pretty grimdark so please heed the content notes! I hope these are enjoyable reads for everyone; they were fun and therapeutic to write.

- My Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live-play is still going on YouTube, so check that out if you're interested in that; I enjoy doing the voices and the characters are super fun and compelling. I'm liking that a lot.

- I started a new short story today! Like, a real one! I'm really excited and I hope to have it for Patreon for October. Please cross all your fingers and toes for me.

Reminder! It's a new month, which means new paper books for the $25 patrons and new bookmarks for the $5 patrons! If I don't have your address, send me a message on the internal system or email me at AnaMardoll at gmail dot com. I love sending ya'll things!

An index to the deconstructions on my blog is here.

My YouTube channel is here. The Phoenix Wright videos are here.

Do you like "Tumblr Threads" which collect funny tumblr posts? I have one here!

My Twitter account @DivorceKittens with stories and pictures is here.

I want to thank you all again for your support. There really are not enough words to tell you how grateful I am to you all for helping me and the kitties to survive. Thank you and bless you.


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