August Newsletter (2019)

August is here!

July was a funny month for me. My mother had surgery, but she's doing very well. I was rear-ended on my way to pick up a friend at the airport, but they were insured and my car is being (slowly) fixed and the accident was in super-duper slow-motion and doesn't seem to have hurt me. (My friend's visit was a cathartic blast and greatly cheered me!) I went back to work after those two weeks off without having accomplished much, but I felt rested and that has helped a lot. My ADHD meds seem to be helping me a lot, too. That's a nice feeling!

Cool Things! I'm still in "creative hibernation", but I do have a short story for my patrons this month!! It's an adapted, edited, and slightly expanded version of something I wrote in my blog comments 2 years ago; it felt good to dip my toes back into making the words line up and go! I have also finally scheduled my first promised "D&D with 3D Printers" Patreon post, which I hope will be fun and interesting for you all! I am also still very much enjoying my Phoenix Wright let's play (I do voices!), and though I'm no longer doing daily video upload announcements on here, there is a patreon post scheduled for later in the month that has my thoughts on one of the cases in the game. It's ranty and lovely, haha.

Reminder! It's a new month, which means new paper books for the $25 patrons and new bookmarks for the $5 patrons! If I don't have your address, send me a message on the internal system or email me at AnaMardoll at gmail dot com. I love sending ya'll things!

An index to the deconstructions on my blog is here. A new Narnia is up here.

My YouTube channel is here. The Phoenix Wright videos are here. I read all the comments!

Do you like "Tumblr Threads" which collect funny tumblr posts? I have one here!

My Twitter account @DivorceKittens with stories and pictures is here.

Thank you all so much again for being here with me.


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