My Cats as Disney's The Three Musketeers

Previously posted on my Patreon. Reposted here in loving memory of Mina. 

I'm sick so please have a short thread comparing the kittens to the Disney's Three Musketeers.

Chip. Athos. Leader of the pack, but cranky about it. When he wants to stomp on Mommy and told she's busy sleeping, reacts with the same betrayed hurt as Athos discovering the criminal brand on Milady de Winter. Sad sack.

Cookie. Porthos. Fat and utterly lacking in fucks. Instigator of trouble who is surprisingly good at finding fall-guys to take the blame. Master liar. The Queen of America once kissed the white spot on her nose.

Cherry. Aramis. Tiny and skittish. Would absolutely fling herself out of a window rather than fight an angry jilted husband. Good intentions ruined by bad company. Looks too frail to be any use in a fight; somehow inexplicably is anyway.

Crisp. D'artagnan. Ladies man is his literal only motivation and he barely tries to hide this fact. Almost didn't make the Musketeer cut because he overslept. Too pretty for this cruel world. Needs a jaunty hat with a massive foofy feather.

HONORABLE MENTION. Mina. Milady de Winter. Has a tragic backstory but will die before she reveals it to any of you lesser mortals. Secretly wants to kill D'artagnan/Crisp because he keeps sleeping in her bed.


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