March Newsletter (2019)

Holy crap, it's March? I lost all track of time until today. There are reasons for that but they're sad ones and I don't want to dwell on them here. Let's talk fun stuff.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that I'd like to start posting Patreon rewards at the end of the month (4 weeks after the monthly newsletter) because that means the newsletter gets to be "here are all the fun things I'm planning!" rather than a downer "here are all the things I didn't get to..." so let's try this on for size and see how it goes.

Fun Thing #1: Earthside. I really want to finish polishing my Earthside Chapter 1 and get it in a state where I can post it. This is my first real series and I'm struggling with the delicate balance of how much information to give "new arrivals" to the series (so they can read the books in any order) versus how to not bore the regular readers to tears. This has been really an interesting learning process, from a craft perspective!

Fun Thing #2: Vallis (Fire Mage WIP). I really want to try to re-draft Vallis so that we have some new chapters which slot in before chapter 1. (This will mean radically re-doing all the following chapters, yay!) I think a big problem here is that I take too seriously the Vonnegut advice to "start as close to the end as possible". You do actually need to take time to introduce the world and characters, I think, before you fling a crisis at their faces like a custard pie.

Fun Thing #3: Stardew Valley! I have some Let's Plays which will be going up on Patreon and eventually on YouTube and I am very excited about that! I've never LP'd Stardew Valley before because I was afraid I'd be a very boring commentator, but I think I'll be able to strike a nice balance between "interesting babble" and "soothing white noise" for people who want to fall asleep to my videos.

Fun Thing #4: Deconstructions. I have a new Magician's Nephew post I'm working on which will go up on Patreon first, and I'd link to post reposts of my old Narnia work...somewhere. Maybe I'll post teasers with links up on Patreon that link to the larger blog post on my website? Sort of an In Case You Missed It? That way, the ensuing comments aren't split across multiple pages.

Remember: It's a new month, which means new paper books for the $25 patrons and new bookmarks for the $5 patrons! If I don't have your address, send me a message on the internal system or email me at AnaMardoll at gmail dot com. I love sending ya'll things!

Thank you all so much again for being here with me and sticking with me through thick and thin. Oh! I might be officially divorced by the end of this month!


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